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  • Natural Pet Food (Dry, Canned, Frozen & Freeze-dried Raw)
  • Yummy-Healthy Treats
  • Tough-Toys
  • High Quality Homeopathy, Herbals & Supplements
  • Natural Pest Prevention
  • Organic Shampoo & Conditioner​s
  • FREE Lectures!
  • FREE Educational Materials!
  • FREEFood & Treat Samples!

Free pet food & treat samples: safe, Natural, frozen, freeze-dried, dry & can

The Holistic Animal Care Shoppe is your Local Natural Pet Care Retail Store Providing PROVEN Safe, Alternative Holistic Solutions for ALL Animals. 


When Taco has a cough, has had to have teeth removed, or was diagnosed with a heart murmur, her mom bought L-Carnitine, Co-Q10 and other things to improve her condition. Now, at 12.5 years old, Taco is looking & feeling great!

This is Taco's favorite place to shop. We carry her favorite food and have things to make her feel better!

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Taco Nature Intended! Since 1982.

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high quality, proven solutions all competitively priced for you

Holistic Animal Care Shoppe