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I recently went back to work after working from home for the past couple of years. My cat Moo (a 12-year-old fluff ball) was used to me being around and found comfort in my presence. Two days after I started Moo began to throw up on my side of the bed and all over my pillows. After talking with the girls at the store I learned that Moo might be doing this because she was upset that I was no longer in the house all the time. They suggested I try the R&R Flower Remedy because by helping take some of the stress away from Moo & mellowing her emotions she might stop puking. I put the drops in the water and in 3 days she stopped puking on my stuff. I thought maybe it was a coincidence so I stopped using it for a couple days and she started puking again on my stuff! Back in the water and the problem is solved!

 - Kelsey G

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