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"I wanted to share with you my experience with the Azmira products. In May, my dog, Brandi was diagnosed with Valley Fever and I was devastated. I began to research and soon after purchased the Super C 2000, Mega Pet Daily, Yeast & Fungal D'Tox, ImmunoStim'Rand Milk Thistle from the Holistic Animal Care Shoppe. I began using them in combination with Flax Seed and Fluconazole. While it hasn't been easy everyday, we have given her the supplements and medication as needed. In May Brandi's titer was 1:128, we had her blood-work done in August and in just 4 short months her titer has decreased to 1:16! While we continue on her regimen as she continues to show positive signs of improvement. I hope to share with other all the positive improvements we saw while using the products! Thank you Azmira and The Holistic Animal Care Shoppe!"                                                                                                 -Shelby S.

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