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Featured Shoppe Pet: Raylee

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"Raylee was pulled from a previously abusive situation at a year old. She was beaten for eating a chicken and it made her deathly afraid of men. She was supposedly "service-trained" and "housebroken" prior to her new home with us. Once coming into our home, she was put on a decent quality diet and adapted well to living with our other dog Revan. We have since moved to Tucson, where we now frequent the Holistic Animal Care Shoppe! Both dogs were switched to a high quality diet - Nature's Logic - and started on Daily Boost, Yeast & Fungal D'tox (to address an ear infection) and Herbal Calm to aid in training both high energy dogs! Raylee's confidence has grown (she even learned to use the stairs) and Revan's training has improved! Soon they will be starting on the LifeStyle® Protocol to ensure they live long, happy, healthy lives!"

-Brandy F.

Free pet food & treat samples: safe, Natural, frozen, freeze-dried, dry & can

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