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The Holistic Animal Care Shoppe is your Local Natural Pet Care Retail Store Providing PROVEN Safe, Alternative Holistic Solutions for ALL Animals. 


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Visit The Shoppe every Thursday 3PM - 5PM for our 'Relaxation Station' with Nancy McDonald, Animal Ally of Arizona.

Featured Shoppe Pet: ROXY

  • Natural Pet Food (Dry, Canned, Frozen & Freeze-dried Raw)
  • Yummy-Healthy Treats
  • Tough-Toys
  • High Quality Homeopathy, Herbals & Supplements
  • Natural Pest Prevention
  • Organic Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Weekly Pet 'Relaxation Station'
    •  Certified Massage
  • FREE Monthly Lectures
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"When I first started shopping at The Holistic Animal Care Shoppe, my cat Roxy was constantly throwing up and having digestive upset, which the vets were unable to remedy. I attended Dr. Newman's 6 week Wellness Course and learned how to give my cat the best and healthiest life possible. We were able to quickly detoxify the body and switch to a high quality, natural diet that she loves! The Shoppe was able to provide a variety of cat food samples and her favorite kibble is Fromm 4Star Cat food, which has a lot of flavors, great for finicky cats! She also LOVES her Weruva BFF Pouches. Since reading Dr. Newman's 9th book, Three Simple Steps to Healthy Pets, I also made the decision to switch to a natural cat litter. The first litter I tried from another store was crushed walnut, but it did not clump enough and did not help with the odor at all. I then switched to a corn cat litter. The corn litter would stick to her long hair and when grooming, she was ingesting it. She immediately had an allergic reaction (vomiting and bloody diarrhea). I read the book and felt prepared to reverse her condition, but I stopped by the store to talk with the associates, just to be sure. As recommended, I switched the litter to a larger wooden pellet, began D'Toxifier and Naturfiber and within a few days her symptoms were reversed. I never thought I would see such a tremendous change from being a sick cat to being so outgoing and happy!"
-Ana L.

Free pet food & treat samples: safe, Natural, frozen, freeze-dried, dry & can

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