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Featured Shoppe Pet: Marilyn

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The Holistic Animal Care Shoppe is your Local Natural Pet Care Retail Store Providing PROVEN Safe, Alternative Holistic Solutions for ALL Animals. 


"After a scary birth with her five other littermates, in a vast desert surrounded by coyotes, Marilyn was fostered along with her mom and siblings by Dr. Newman herself. We know they were offered the best start possible with the LifeStyle® approach! Even her mom, who was starving and rail thin with tick fever, quickly regained her health to nurse her own pups.

Marilyn was later adopted and moved to California with her new mom, Brooke. Brooke continued with the LifeStyle® and when the 4th of July approached, she added in the Fear Flower Essence for that added boost of safety. As you can see from the first picture, even fireworks were no match for her newly built-up confidence!

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