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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I be guaranteed I am getting the right information and highest quality products?
    Our 'Certified LifeStyle Associates' are directly educated (during a three month period of book-work, shadowing and hands-on experience)  along with ongoing lectures, through Azmira's Dr. Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D. an award-winning pioneer in natural pet care. In between, visits from other brands' representatives help us gain valuable insight as to what's available, proven, and especially, of the same high-quality Dr. Newman demands. 

  • Do you offer any Frequent Buyer Programs?
    YES, we honor several Frequent Buyer Programs! Frequent Buyer Food Programs are available (Buy 12, get the 13th FREE) for Azmira Dry Food, NutriSource, Nature's Logic, Tuscan Natural, and Fromm! (Requirements vary based on the brand, so be sure to ask when you purchase a bag of food)! Be sure to also sign up for our monthly eNewsletter and Follow us on FaceBook for more discounts!

  • Do you offer Double-Discount Cards for food purchases?                                                                                                    NO, we maintain the lowest competitive pricing possible for the higher quality products we provide. We buy small batch orders only to assure their freshness and results are maximized. You'll see by our price per bag that the value you receive is still better than other's 'Double Discount' programs.

  • Can I get a diagnosis of my animal's condition?
        We are NOT Veterinarians, therefore we cannot diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe, nor would we sell medications/drugs. Please see your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis - we will gladly provide veterinarian or specialist recommendations when needed and educate your family on reversing symptoms - plus give any referrals to the best around if still needed! 

  • Is Garlic toxic to feed pets?
        NO, Azmira Holistic Animal Care has had success with the Garlic Daily Aid supplement for over 30 YEARS! Although garlic is related to the onion, which is indeed toxic, garlic does not contain the same concentration of the toxic chemical that onions do. Please, keep in mind the Garlic Daily Aid is concentrated to provide therapeutic properties. Raw Garlic would need to be given in high doses to get the same concentration and is hard to digest causing upset tummies. For more detail: see Dr. Newman's article on Garlic, in Animal WELLNESS magazine. http://animalwellnessmagazine.com/garlic-safe-dogs/

  • Aren't Grain-free, Raw Diets or Holistic, Natural Products more expensive?
     "Prevention is the Best Cure!" By following our PROVEN LifeStyle Program, healthy pets remain healthy (which means no more costly emergency vet visits) and sick pet's conditions are quickly reversed (usually within 6-8 Weeks, even VALLEY FEVER-see Azmira Study)! Through following Dr. Lisa Newman's 30 years of proven success in The Three Simple Step Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle Approach, we have seen thousands of animals quickly regain their vitality when all hope was lost! As well, we have experienced babies who grow up strong and healthy, living out a long lifetime of wellness.

  • Aren't whole grain foods bad for my animals?                                                                                                                         Not at all. In fact we believe that the best pet foods contain balanced, combined ingredients of proteins, fats and carbohydrate sources. Healthy whole grains which are non-glycemic yet provide healthy fiber for the body benefit many domestic animals today. In November/December 2017's Pet Age magazine the featured topic was about the resurgence of ancient grains in pet foods. This is in part due to the kidney and digestive issues that many saw in their animals after long-term grain-free feeding.                                                                                                                        
  • Doesn't alternative care take longer to work than drugs?
        When providing the body with enough fuel, alternative care quickly addresses the CAUSE, rather than simply the SYMPTOM! By following The Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle, many pets show improvement in 2 weeks and often experience full condition reversal in 6-8 weeks! "Your Shoppe" only offers the highest quality Herbals, Homeopathics, Supplements and Food in order to more quickly address the physical and emotional needs of your pet.

  • Why should I give my pet supplements? Isn't good food by itself, enough?
       Even with the best quality, balanced diet, nutritional supplementation is necessary to provide many nutrients now missing from our food chain. Years of over-farming, the use (and abuse) of chemicals, fertilizers and various environmental pollution such as acid rain, have taken their toll. Even organic farming cannot guarantee that the produce will be more nutritious, as it will take approximately 75 years for lost nutrients to return to the soil. Many pets have physical ailments and weaknesses requiring additional nutritional support for symptom reversal. Also, years of over-breeding has left many fine breeds genetically predisposed to certain conditions. With proper supplementation, these pets can lead healthy, happy lives.

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