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I was introduced to Azmira by a relative in 2009, after my boy, Spirit, was diagnosed with Cancer. His Vet. gave him 6 mos.but when I changed him out from Eukanuba to Azmira., he lived another 4 yrs. He finally succumbed to his illness on 5/31/2013. Since I've only been using Azmira for my pack.


- Liz Amarillas       Spirit (Rotti/Husky Mix)

In August of 2017 the vets suspected my 13-year-old cat, Calvin had developed an osteosarcoma and told me he would most likely live another 6 months only. The diagnosis was officially confirmed via biopsy in December of 2017. I’ve been a long time customer of Holistic Animal Care (since 2010) not only for myself but also buying things for my ‘Grand-fur Babies’, and so I thought I’d see if they had any solutions. I started Calvin on Grapeseed Extract & Blood & Lymph D’tox and within weeks Calvin had more energy and is moving around much better than he did previously. I recently began using CBD oil and Holistic Animal Care’s Turmeric as well. It’s now late March 2018, a full 2 months(!) after the vet told me Calvin would most likely be dead and my vet cannot believe how slowly the Osteosarcoma has progressed. I’m even now going to start Calvin (who turns 14 in April) on the Azmira LifeStyle so he can have the BEST POSSIBLE chance for wellness and reversal.
- Christina M (March 2018)

My dog Lucy had large stones and I was told the only way to fix the issue was surgery. I was told there was NO NATURAL WAY to get rid of the stones or even shrink them down. I went to HAC to see if there as anything I could do and was shown Kidni Flow, which they said was able to break down and dissolve stones and crystals. I bought it hoping it would work. 2 years later, the stones were completely gone! I was able to avoid a $1400 surgery -which involved moving my dog's bladder -  by using Kidni Flow!

-Teresa R

Can't recommend this business enough. I have a 20 yr old cat. Yes, 20 human years. And when my furry lil friend stopped eating I was pretty bummed. So stopped in to see if there was anything I could get him for comfort, the employees showed me a couple supplements that cost less than $20 each! A week of treatment and he's back to the cat I knew 5 years ago. Super vocal, fattening up for winter and walking the property claiming his territory!

-Martin M

This product (Yucca Intensive) saved my dog's life! My dog was having trouble with lameness - he couldn't even squat - I had to help him up and down. A friend told me about this stuff so I bought it hoping it would work. It took about 6-8 weeks of using it daily by putting it in the food, but now a year later he can run, jump, and it totally different. If this can help even one other dog it is worth it!

-Connie L

My sister's new puppy was diagnosed with parvo several years ago. We put her on Viral D'Tox and ImmunoStim'R. The puppy's symptoms began to reverse within just a few days. The puppy is now full grown and still thriving!


From the wonderful company Azmira comes another non-drug alternative to help our pets suffering from many chronic inflammatory disorders, including crippling arthritis, frustrating skin allergies, and inflammatory digestive disorders. With its powerful natural steroidal plant derived saponins, this product exerts an anti-inflammatory effect in helping manage these skin, digestive and joint disorders, especially when combined with other natural antioxidant products like Proanthozone, as well as Super Pure Omega 3 fatty acids. Yucca Intensive can also help cleanse the liver and kidneys as well by promoting blood flow and tissue repair. I find it quite safe to use with most supplements, and medications like Phenobarbital and thyroid medication. I have also found it very safe when used at the same time as the commonly prescribed pain medication Tramadol. Due to the natural steroid effect of its plant components, one must be slightly cautious if a pet is taking full doses of commonly prescribed anti-inflammatories such as Rimadyl, Deramaxx, Metacam and Prednisone.  The same can be said of patients on heart medications, as Yucca may predispose to mild fluid retention in such patients. I would consult your veterinarian in those individual cases. I often find that animal guardians can often use this product along with natural antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids first, often eliminating the need for stronger prescription drugs. The only occasional problem I have seen is in palatability in certain pets, as the oral drops are quite concentrated. However, when mixed with a little broth, gravy, olive oil, canned food, yogurt or peanut butter,  as well as pet’s favorite treat, this problem of strong taste is often avoided. (Please SEE: "Feeding Suggestions for Finicky Pets")

-Dr. Michael Dym, VMD

Sometimes kitties have accidents. When this happens, there are a few things a cat-parent can do to help the kitty find their box, and be comfortable using it again. Here at The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter, we’re used to this and have worked hard to craft solutions that work, are easily done at home, and aren’t so confusing that the kitties and their parents are swirling in advice circles! We recommend Azmira’s SPRAY Flower Essences as part of our “Piddle Program," along with small behavioral modification and lots of praise!


Director of Hermitage Cat Shelter of Tucson, https://hermitagecatshelter.org/

Please do not ever lower your standards to those of the greedy money-grubbers who have killed so many of our wonderful companions long before their time. 
-Dr. Joe C.

I have been using Azmira products to help rescue greyhounds for over twenty years and have always been given the right advice, until now. This time I have been given the greatest advice yet, which was to try a bag of their new turkey kibble called ‘Rustic Feast’. It sure did cause a stir in my household as all three of my girls, including Gal, my 12 y/o FINICKY, arthritic queen, gobbled down every single bite with great delight. I couldn’t believe how much more they liked it than the “top quality, no grain, brand-name natural diet” my vet convinced me to switch to a few years ago. Within a couple of days, their stools improved (I also have rescued Red and Mama, both 10 y/o), their energy was up … well, they got off the couch and played … and played, even Gal got into it! I am so impressed. I don’t know why I stopped using the Azmira foods, they had always done right by my dogs. I can tell you, with what I’ve seen now in six months of using Rustic Feast, that I promised my precious dogs that I would never, ever give up Azmira pet foods again. BTW, I love me that Yucca Intensive! I know it’s the reason Gal has made it to 12 y/o. She was dying from Prednisone injections three years ago when I rescued her, still crippled up from the track, and within a few days of starting the Yucca drops she was off the steroids and moving pain-free. After six months of the LifeStyle approach, she had clean liver and kidney function tests. Thank you SOOO much for all you do!

-Mary K.

Shelter Manager at Arizona Greyhound Rescue League

I absolutely love the Azmira products and feel they have contributed greatly to the healthy lives of my two dogs.

-Kathleen S.

"No Pet Parent Should Be Without This Book!"
- From Amazon Books Review - RE: Three Simple Steps to Healthy Pets!

I was lucky enough to consult with Dr. Newman 20 years ago when my dog was diagnosed with cancer and given 6-weeks to live without chemo, radiation, and amputation. Using her advice and the holistic principals she puts forth in this book of supporting the body nutritionally and enabling it to HEAL ITSELF; my dog not only healed from cancer in 4 months (without chemo, radiation, or surgery), but thrived cancer-free for an additional 11 years to the age of 19. This is a different paradigm than "fighting the disease" or symptom-treating with natural remedies in lieu of pharmaceutical drugs. I haven't talked to her in years, but Dr. Newman was on the cutting edge of healing and pet nutrition back when I consulted with her in the '90's. After reading this book, it's obvious she remains so, today. I believe you owe it to your pet to read this book. It will open your mind and it will empower you. At the least, it just might help you avoid having to deal with a degenerative disease like cancer and buy you many more healthy years with your beloved pet. For most pet parents, that's worth FAR more than the cover price.

-Nadine R.

I honestly believe that several supplements have saved my own pets’ lives, and I thank you!

-Angie B.

We moved from Florida where I fed my 6 ‘kids’ what I thought was good food. A friend recommended your North Oracle store to find good cat food. What I found was THE BEST quality cat food!!! I couldn’t believe the great help I received in dealing with longtime problems which vet’s had given up on. THANK YOU!!!

-Lisa C.

When I first started shopping at The Holistic Animal Care Shoppe, my cat Roxy was constantly throwing up and having digestive upset, which the vets were unable to remedy. I attended Dr. Newman’s 6 week wellness course and learned how to give my cat the best and healthiest life possible. We were able to quickly detoxify the body and switch to a high quality, natural diet that she loves! The Shoppe was able to provide a variety of cat food samples and her favorite kibble is Fromm 4Star Cat food, which has a variety of flavors and is great for finicky cats! She also LOVES her Weruva BFF Pouches. Since reading Dr. Newman’s 9th book, Three Simple Steps to Healthy Pets, I also made the decision switch to a natural cat litter. The first litter I tried was crushed walnut, but it did not clump enough and did not help with the odor at all. I then switched to a corn cat litter. The corn litter would stick to her long hair and when grooming she was ingesting it. She immediately had an allergic reaction (vomiting and bloody diarrhea). I read the book and felt prepared to reverse her condition, but I stopped by the store to talk with the associates, just to be sure. I switched the litter to a larger wood pellet, began D’Toxifier and Naturfiber and within a few days her symptoms were reversed! I never thought I would see such a tremendous change from being a sick cat to being so outgoing and happy!
-Ana L. 

Thank you for your staff! The people in the store were extremely knowledgeable, caring, and helpful. I will call and visit again about my little Sadie Lady

-Barb T. (FYI: That's why we value our Educated LifeStyle Associates!)

My 11 and 12 year old Golden Retrievers have been on the Azmira food their entire life. Thoreau was diagnosed with Valley Fever and after vet medications had seemed to show no improvement until we started the Azmira Yeast & Fungal D’Tox. Once starting it, we saw a dramatic change in his health and discontinued the vet protocols. Our vet was skeptical but could not deny the results!
-Colette P. 

… it is a pleasure to meet people of goodwill such as your staff …

-Cathy T.

To whom it may concern, I have been using Azmira’s dog food and products since moving to Tucson in July of 2013 and my dog, Monte, a 3 year old black lab mix, has never been healthier. Luckily for my wife Kristine and I, Monte had always been a loving, friendly and overall healthy addition to our family since we adopted him from the rescue shelter as a 3 month old puppy. But unlike most labs, Monte was a picky eater, he had “doggy dandruff” that was un-touched by expensive shampoo’s and had uncontrolled anal gland secretions. If you have not experienced this, consider yourself lucky, because it is noxious to your nose, furniture and anyone around – not to mention, it would noticeably embarrass Monte. After multiple food changes, internet suggestions and back door remedies nothing seemed to work for any of Monte’s issues; that was until we tried Azmira’s food and products. I would like to qualify this by saying that I’m a medical physician in the Tucson area so when I heard about trying a Holistic dog food, I had my reservations about it being just another fad or marketing scheme. Boy, was I wrong! The first thing that we initially noticed was that Monte started not just grazing over his food, but attacking his food bowl, he loved it! This was a major victory in itself because we no longer had to worry about our pet going on what Kristine and I referred to as “another one of Monte’s hunger strikes.” With the addition of Azmira’s lifestyle supplements to the new food, Monte’s “doggy dandruff” vanished and the fowl anal gland secretions have all but vanished (even when his owners occasionally forget to give it to him). Since Monte’s experience was so great we have recommended this food and the lifestyle supplements to friends and fellow dog owners and everyone has given us positive feedback. Needless to say, I continue to endorse Azmira’s food and products to any dog or pet owner!” 
-EJ Stoike DO

Your dog food is wonderful!

-Ron J.

I am grateful that they have products to use that are safe!

-Mary V.

I have been using your products since 1993. I was using it for my two shelties and my horse. I think the products prolonged my dog’s lives and made there lives much better. My horse is still on the Yucca Intensive drops. He came from a race track in California. He is now 23 yrs old and he looks great. Now my new dog is going to be on theYucca Intensive and the MSM. She has some joint issues as she grew too fast. Thanks for the great products!”

-D. Warneri

Hi, I’m Bri and I have a white pitbull/boxer named Ella. I adopted her last year in February 2015 and she was a total mess! She would constantly itch and scratch, then immediately start whining. She would also break out in the worst hot spots I had ever seen, so I started to research ways to stop all these skin issues. I tried everything and I mean everything, vinegar baths, coconut oil all over,  expensive shampoos, sprays that never seemed to work and finally, I decided to go to the vet. She recommended switching her food and giving her Benadryl, so I did. Then things got really bad. Turns out white boxers and white pitbulls have more sensitivities to everything topical or ingested. So we switched her food to turkey and a more ‘natural’ brand rather than all the name brands you see on tv or in ads. The second night of turkey she threw up all over the house, so we stopped that. Next was beef and that was probably the worst… let’s just say major clean up from both ends and hot spots galore. Then came whitefish which was a godsend, with no hot spots or messes to clean up, but of course after a week she refused to eat it and we had to switch again! Nothing is ever easy with her. Finally, I researched every possible blog and Pinterest board to find that lamb and limited ingredient dog food could be the key. We tried a couple different brands with no issue on the digestive side, but she still had hot spots. Finally, I found Azmira dog food, Rejuva Spray, Mega Pet Daily, Super C 2000, Garlic Daily Aid and D'Toxifier and it was life changing! Her skin is now pink instead of red and she has not had a hot spot in 3 months. Bonus, she loves her food and eats it all within minutes. The spray is awesome too, any sign of a rash or hot spot, spray the Rejuva on and within an hour it gets better. Every time I bring it out she sits down and wants me to spray her, so you know it’s good stuff. I couldn’t be happier!! No more bribery, clean up, Benadryl or expensive trips to the vet! I know she feels better and definitely looks 100% Better. Thank you for making such amazing products!” 

-Brianne A.