January 14th-19th

Start Your Companimals off on the Right Paw!

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Azmira's Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle is the BEST WAY to prevent dis-ease and keep you from chasing your tail at the vet. Shoppe in and ask us how today!


January 7th - 13th

Everybody's Favorite Treat BACK IN STOCK!!!


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Our Weekly Specials

January 26th-31st

Azmira's Rejuva Spray is an excellent wound spray and ear wash! It's antimicrobial, antibiotic and antifungal properties help eliminate a variety of skin issues.

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January 20th-25th

K9 Granola Factory - BACK IN STOCK!!!

More than just yummy treats for your dog, cat, bird, horse, etc., did you know K9 Granola Factory also carries wonderful smelling candles and balms as well?
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