August 1st-7th

Back to School Blues

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August 8th-14th

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Bear Down WildCats!

Show your school spirit with our Licensced University of Arizona Pet Gear!

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Prevention is the Best Cure!

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August 15th-21st

Prevention is the Best Cure!

Visit your vet for a yearly checkup, this can help catch problems & illness before symptoms occur! 

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Holistic Animal Care Shoppe

Our Weekly Specials Nature Intended! Since 1982.

August 22nd-30th

Does your pet have seasonal allergies?

The desert is in full bloom after monsoon season! 

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Maverick Nature's Kitchen

Finicky Pet? Considering a RAW Diet? Talk to Shoppe Staff about Nature's Kitchen!
Packaged in our 1lb (100%) recyclable containers, Nature's Kitchen® is made with only human-grade ingredients and has the highest meat content available in a wet or dry pet food. Our proprietary low-temperature process gives Nature's Kitchen® a unique texture and flavor, while preserving many of the essential proteins and enzymes critical for digestion.  Flash freezing provides the most efficient and natural way of preserving the integrity of the food, without using anything artificial to maintain extended shelf lives. While we are not considered a truly organic dog food, you will find that dogs insist on feeding them Nature's Kitchen® Dog Food! 
Nature's Kitchen® is the Raw Diet Alternative providing the high fresh meat content of Raw, with the convenience and safety of cooked foods.

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