December 18th-23rd

Give the Gift of Training Help!
Buy "Training Without Trauma" & Receive a $10 Bark Buck to use on anything in Your Shoppe!

Are you gifting someone with a new animal companion for the holidays? Let us help you make the training process easier! In 1999 Shoppe owner Dr. Lisa S. Newman wrote a series of 9 books for the Crossing Press and Training Without Trauma remains her most sought-after title!

Prevention is the Best Cure!

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December 24th-31st

Just because we enjoy End of the Year parties, doesn't mean our animals do as well. Lots of people, loud music, and fireworks can cause your animals' unwanted stress. Help them get over their fear with FEAR!

Buy One Get One 50% OFF (help others!) 0.5 oz Azmira FEAR Flower Behavioral Remedy!

December 11th-17th

Finicky Pet!

Nothing can be more frustrating than when your animals turn up their nose at their food.

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Our Weekly Specials

December 1st - 10th

8 Days of $avings!


 In honor of Hanukkah coming early this year, we invite ALL at Your Shoppe to take advantage with Celebration $avings!

December 2nd, 3rd & 4th:

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December 5th, 6th & 7th:

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December 8th, 9th & 10th:

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